In my Master’s Thesis (MSc) research, I studied coaches and athletes from all over the world. 

The common theme that came out of that qualitative research thesis in discovering the determinants of successful coaches and teams was that the performance environment is constantly co-created.  Meaning that the athlete, the coach and the team members, support team, direct members each contribute to the performance environment.  Athletes, coaches and support team all must feel valued, safe and supported in the performance environment. 

My favourite time as an athlete was being coached. 

The impact of my coach continues to pay dividends today and I often think back to those days on the lake and the wisdom and encouragement that my coach gave to me and my team mates, I am forever in debt and my goal is to pay it forward for the next generation of coaches.

In my private coaching practice I work with teams, coaches, and athletes to co-create a high performance environment. 



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